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Voice incorporated NFT Produced by voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto

You can get your own NFT art that Nobuhiko Okamoto breathed lives into the characters himself.

Voice actor Nobuhiko Okamoto

Born in Tokyo on October 24, 1986, belonging to Raccoon Dog. The main appearances include "My Hero Academia" Bakugo Katsuto, "Haikyu !!"

Nobuhiko Okamoto



Two method of salling!

Credit Payment Only


Edible for Everyone

* eeo member registration (free) is required.


Virtual Currency(ETH)
Payment Only


Edible for Holders of 30 or more pices of
OCS Genesis "MAID-SAN"

* Currently available OCS Genesis "MAID-SAN" is only a secondary distribution market such as Opensea.

* Please veiw more details at the official Discord of "Otaku Culture Studio" .





This is a world where souls of words dwell.
People were able to manipulate special power due to changes in voice, and all of those with excellent abilities belonged to the guards that protect the country.
Eventually, the members were divided into four factions: knights, magician, ubiquitous, and swordsman due to differences in occupation and thoughts.
At one point, the boys with the "voice" emblem on the left eye on each faction were born.
The boys had a strong power to summon their kin using their voices.
They were united beyond the boundaries of the faction and protected the country from the immortal crisis ...




Illustrated by ののまろ

Production cooparation of Creative Plus


Credit card payment Credit card payment

This project, "THE DWELLING" NFT, can be easily obtained by credit card payment, just like online shopping.
The only thing you need in advance is "wallet," the place to check the NFT!




Sales place

eeo Store

Release Date 

2023.04.25 12:00 -
05.01 23:59(JST)

Announcement of the winner 



10,890 yen (tax in)
*Including gas fee when minting NFT

Settrement Method

Credit Card only



Detailed application method, the date and time will be released later!
Please prepare wallet in advance before applying!

Let's make a wallet!

You require to have wallets to receive NFT.
To apply for lottery, you need to register the "wallet address" of "Wallet".

* We recommend MetaMask , a populer wallet soft.

General lottery applications and purchases can be done through our website "eeo Store" in the same way as for regular anime merchandise.

Lottery Flow

(1) Register as an eeo member (free).
(2)Enter your wallet address in "My Page".
(3) Apply for the lottery. (application is completed when payment is made by credit card)
(4) Confirm the completion of lottery application by e-mail.
(5) Confirm the lottery result by e-mail.
(6) NFTs will be sent to the wallets of the winners.
(7) Confirm the completion of sending NFTs by e-mail.

* Credit cards of un-selected customers will be released on the day when lottery results are announced.

* All support is provided by Japanese only.

* Residents outside of Japan are not eligible to purchase limited-edition merchandise. (International shipping is not available.)


eeo Store





Sales place 

Mint page of this site


Edible for Holders of 30 or more pieces of OCS Genesis "MAID-SAN"

Release Date 

2023.04.25 12:00 -
05.01 23:59(JST)




2023.05.02 19:00~(JST)



Payment method 

Virtual currency (Ethereum) only

* Currently available OCS Genesis "MAID-SAN" is only a secondary distribution market such as Opensea.

* Please veiw more details at the official Discord of "Otaku Culture Studio" .



NFT is a non-fungible token, where tokens are a digital data with a unique identifier attached.
By limiting the number of unique identifier issues, scarcity is born in the digital data.
Our NFT is protected with a blockchain called "Ethereum," which enables buying, selling, and giving without adiministrator.



① “Certificate of Member” NFT with message voice

All holders will receive one NFT with message voice (4 types in total)!

*We will distribute it to the wallet address that has been confirmed to hold the "THE DWEELING" NFT at the time of Snapshot before distribution.

②Privilege of participation in Discord community limited to holders

Let's talk about Nobuhiko Okamoto and the characters you own!
If you participate in the event held in the chat, you might get a message from Mr. Okamoto...?

③Discord online mini event

Limited NFT with voice will be presented to the winner of the mini game event (8 times in total)
NFT with Mr. Nobuhiko Okamoto's voice message will be presented to the 3 winners of the fan art event.
Live radio broadcast by “Nobuhiko Okamoto x illustrator”! (1 time in total)

④Nobuhiko Okamoto presents "Online Wrap up party"

The special final event will be an online wrap up party (once in total)
(ZOOM webinar + Discord chat format * User's video will be off)

⑤Privilege of voting and purchase for the limited marches

The lineup of holder-only goods will be decided in the vote of the holder-only Discrod.
Don't miss out on the goods featuring Nobuhiko Okamoto's illustrations of "THE DWELLING"! (Public sales will also be released)

*Those privileges are limited to “THE DWELLING” NFT holders.

*Detailed information such as the date and time of the event will be released.

*There is a possibility that the content of utility will change.

*All utility will be provided on the Discord "ANITOKYO" channel.

*All utility will be provided in Janpanese.




2023 Q2 

Official Website Open



What is the "THE DWELLING" NFT?

This is a limited NFT with a voice actor, Nobuhiko Okamoto, produced by audio, with a different audio of Okamoto.
Various benefits can be obtained by purchasing this NFT and continuing to hold it.
Click here for details.

Is there Al/WL?

We will not distribute general AL/WL (priority purchase right) However, there is a guaranteed AL distribution by the RT campaign held on ANITOKYO official Twitter.

What are eeo members?

A. I am a member of the comprehensive group eeo specializing in anime, games, characters operated by A3 Co., Ltd.
You can use not only eeo Store but also various services.

What is the date and price of the lottery for general lottery sales?

We will announce it later, so please check the official website, Discord, and Twitter.


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