The official website for "THE DWELLING" produced by Nobuhiko Okamoto is now open!


The payment method for each voice actor collaboration NFT is published!


Three collab voice actors are revealed!


“Project KOWANE” open!



Nobuhiko Okamoto

Newly drawn boy characters NFT produced by Nobuhiko Okamoto!
Each NFT is given different line and voice recorded for this time. Let's get your own voice sounds.

Kenjiro Tsuda

Coming soon...

Kenichi Suzumura

Coming soon...



The project that spreads Japan’s
uniquely developed voice actor culture
to the Web 3.0 world

Now, many people around the world enjoy Japanese anime culture, and Japanese voice actors, who breathe lives into the characters, are also attracting people in the world...
On the theme of content born from ‘voice’, we collaborate with famous voice actors to provide a variety of ko-wa-ne (voice sounds) to the Web 3.0 world.

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We have decided to change the payment method to a simpler and more straightforward , and there will no longer be a requirement for purchase of the "KOWANE Genesis NFT".

【Two Payment Method】

1. General lottery sales
Lottery sales by credit card payment at eeo Store Eligible customers...All

2. Priority sale for multiple holders of "メイド3.0/MAID-SAN" NFT (limited slots)
Eligible customers... Multiple holders of OCS (Otaku Culture Studio) Genesis "メイド3.0/MAID-SAN" NFT
(The number of pieces required will be announced separately by OCS official)

We have decided to change the sales method to a simpler and more straightforward for even customers who are new to NFTs to purchase our voice actor collaboration NFTs.
The "KOWANE Genesis NFT," which was scheduled for sale and allowed for priority purchase of voice actor collaboration NFTs, will be reconsidered for release as a community member pass for the "Project KOWANE" voice actor collaboration NFT project, depending on future developments and.


For more information, please check our press release to be published in late March, or our Twitter and Discord channels!




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