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collaborates with the "Japanese creators".

ANITOKYO visualizes a world, where creators and fans hype up works by creating them worthy of the Web3.0 world.

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The project that spreads Japan’s uniquely developed voice actor culture to the Web 3.0 world

Now, many people around the world enjoy Japanese anime culture, and Japanese voice actors, who breathe lives into the characters, are also attracting people in the world...

On the theme of content born from ‘voice’, we collaborate with famous voice actors to provide a variety of ko-wa-ne (voice sounds) to the Web 3.0 world.

Nobuhiko Okamoto,Kenjiro Tsuda,kenichi Suzumura

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ANITOKYO launched to achieve a world, where creators and fans hype up works by creating works worthy of the Web3.0 world. We produce original contents in collabotation with various creators. We will propose a new creation style in which fans and creators produce the contents together.

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Communities to issue NFT in collaboration with existing IP

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Operating company

A3 Co., Ltd.

In order to deliver the fascinating characters from games and animations to hardcore fans, we take responsibility from planning, promoting, designing, and all the way until manufacturing in a single-stop process.
We have more than 400 accounts of management companies that handle copyrights for anime, games, manga, etc.
We also operate more than 1,700 commercialization projects, events, and services each year.

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